Continuing our acquaintance with the cards. Now, let’s talk about the general meaning of cards of HERVE’s suit.

Most people consider worm-suit cards to be the most favorable arrangement. And they are, of course, right. Originally, the suit of a worm meant the clergy. Second class after kings and emperors in the hierarchy of power. It often happened that the representatives of the clergy had the opportunity through their influence on the top officials of the state to influence the decision of important political issues and the adoption of long-term political projects.

Therefore, if the layout is unfavorable, sometimes the appearance of worm maps indicates that unexpected support or help will come. And the situation can be improved.

And so the suit of the worm at all (without considering the value of each card separately) means…

  • Love, or a friendly disposition
  • The satisfaction of desires, dreams that have come true, implementation of plans,
  • A sense of comfort and satisfaction with life.

In terms of social status, these are ministers of the church (which is not very common today) and/or members of professions that require mental qualities (doctors, teachers, etc.). This may also include informal leaders (great personal charisma).

In addition, the suit of worms can mean help from above, spiritual education, kinship.