The Joker is the most mysterious picture in the deck. There is no accurate historical data on its appearance to date. However, some information does exist. So, the etymology of the word itself has its roots in two cultures – English and German. In translation from English joker will literally mean “joker”, “funny”, “joker”.

The German origin of the term comes from the name of the German game joker, which is pronounced as “joker”. According to modern data, it is in this form of entertainment and the first time this interesting map appeared. According to the time frame it was about 200 years ago.

According to another version, the history of the map joker goes deep into the Middle Ages. That’s when the image of the joker appeared on Tarot maps, still the most mysterious attributes of magical fortune-telling. It’s hard to tell what the truth is. But the fact that the maps depict jesters or devils, makes the English interpretation quite justified.

Most often, the joker was portrayed as a funny joker, but in some wells, he looks quite evil and even sinister. Sometimes his role was played by a woman and corresponding images appeared on maps. The usual 54-leaf (French) deck has 2 such images. In other wells, it may not be at all, or he alone. There are packs with three unusual cards.