Spades (suit)

The peaks symbolize the need to translate ideas into reality and gain wisdom through this. The highly developed people represented by this skill are organized, enterprising and willing to sacrifice themselves for the common good. Less developed individuals can also work on high tasks but are more likely to be immersed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, constantly making the same mistakes, and never acquiring wisdom through their own experience. Attitudes towards work for this suit can become an extremely important element of life. If the Peaks work on themselves, they can become more organized for the sake of self-improvement. Often experiences and work did lead these people to explore specialized knowledge or too esoteric schools where they can further develop their perspicacity. They offer their services to the society by abandoning personal ambitions. If they use natural abilities negatively, their inherent discipline and strong will can spread to others through the unjust use of personal power.

In the Tarot, the Peak suit is represented by the Swords.